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James Cook in Search of Terra Incognita: A Book of Poems

University Press of Virginia, 1979 


selected by AWP poetry competion judge Robert Penn Warren for its "variety and vitality"

"A beautiful book, lyric, original, and moving."

     Ruth Whitman 


"Jeanne Larsen's fine poems are both explorations and discoveries of the world. LIke other worldly objects, they vary in form and material and often reflect one another in ways that reveal correspondences one might not at first have known were there."

     Walton Beacham


"The first thing to notice about Jeanne Larsen's poems [in this book] is the nimbleness of thair language, the fact that each one travels with conviction....The delightful part of all this seriousness of purpose is that, at just the right instants, not only is genuine intelligence woven in, but a joyous kind of witty laughter charges the lines, unexpectedly, with its quirky punch." 

     Cathryn Hankla, the Hollins Critic