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my latest book:  

What Penelope Chooses

image shows cover of  book, What Penelope Chooses: Poems

Larsen evokes street-smart personas that echo the classic text with a twist. Riffing on the motif of Penelope's weaving, Larsen examines the construction of a text while challenging its acceptance….Questioning who is allowed to speak and who is speaking, Larsen offers statement and then unraveling as Penelope did her warp and woof….Poems for the era of the Women's March and #MeToo, this collection gives a powerful voice to the voiceless and sass to silence.
--Sarah Kruse, Shining Rock Poetry Anthology & Book Review (Summer, 2020) 






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 more about the book on this page

  order here or through your local bookshop; also available via Small Press Distribution, IndieBound, &  Mr. Bezos' corner store