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  What Penelope Chooses

image shows cover of  book, What Penelope Chooses: Poems

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Penelope's first review! From Dan Smith at


"often irreverent, never irrelevant. Her work is technically faultless, and there is a depth to her work that often stops her readers in mid-sentence so they can get their breath back. Language is her art, giving her the means to express a rare wisdom and intelligence."


Check this from Doug Jackson at Book City Roanoke:


"A playful love of language shines through in Larsen's work, as does a sense of urgency and appeal. In this volume, "no man" is at again at peril in the poems' interrogation of the story and its teller....What Penelope Chooses revisits the world of the Odyssey, but now the silent are given voice…well, commanded it. It's exciting, head-spinning stuff, and these poems can quickly renew your interest in the Greeks." 


 more about the book on this page

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